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January 15, 2010

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raptors +2 at knicks. Knicks aren’t winning anything until they get lebron AND bosh on the team. They’ll find out why they need both tonight.


Tonight and Tomorrow’s Pick January 13, 2010

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Well tonight’s pick was supposed to be posted at 5:30 today taking Kentucky to cover a -3.5 spread at Florida but since I’m still getting used to this thing apparently I didn’t publish the pick. Either way, its irrelevant because no one has started to use this free service yet (as expected, its only the first day). So I apologize for being tardy/unable to do my job tonight but it didn’t matter either way.

Looking forward, I have my eyes set on three games tomorrow. The line just opened for Pittsburgh at UConn -6.5 but has since moved to UConn -6. Now although UConn is home and is ranked 5 places ahead of Pittsburgh at 15 in the AP Poll, this is a Big East Conference game. Anything can happen in these games, which have been historically close regardless of whether or not the home team is favored by the spread. Regardless, you will have my official pick tomorrow by 6pm but as of right now I really like Pittsburgh +6

The second game I have my eye on is the Kansas at Nebraska +12.5 game tomorrow night. Kansas is coming off their first loss of the season where they were essentially embarrassed by a Tennessee team that dressed four walk-ons after half their starting line-up was suspended for doing their best Travis Henry impressions. Pair that with the fact that Kansas has beaten Nebraska 13 times in a row since 2004 by an average of 20 points should mean a fairly easy win for Kansas. Although double digit lines usually scare me, I will on exception take some of them. I don’t expect this line to move down but by the odd chance it gets to 12 or even 11.5 I would strongly consider taking it.
The final game I’m watching is the UNC at Clemson -3.5 game. I love when a true favorite plays on the road against a fairly matched opponent and is getting close to 4 points. Sure UNC lost to C of C only 1 game ago, but they are coming off a nice victory against a Virginia Tech team that received 9 top 25 votes in the most recent AP Poll. UNC is also bringing back two players off injury for their second game, and sure to be an even stronger game, Will Graves and Marcus Ginyard. I look for UNC to hopefully be given an extra half point or even full point to bring the spread to UNC +4/4.5 to make this my lock of the night.

Well there’s the preview, you will have your pick tomorrow (and maybe two if the stars align, and to make up for me being an idiot today). I hope most of you were able to pick the Kentucky game by yourself but if not, bet double on my pick tomorrow night to make sure you grab your winnings from tonight too!

Mission Statement January 12, 2010

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The mission and overall goal of this website is to provide the betting public with a daily, free Joe WINNtERS sports betting pick. Each pick will be heavily researched and then posted on this blog by 6:30pm Eastern Time so that everyone will have a minimum of 30 minutes to get their 7pm bet in. The pick on this website is backed up by the fact that I will not post a pick unless it is a pick that I’m betting my own money on. On Sundays at midnight the pick from each day that week will be reviewed to give readers a weekly progress report. My picks are usually very streaky so you’ll be able to tell when I’m on a hot streak and you should follow, or when I’m blowing all the money in my bank account in which case you should probably stay away. However, this website is designed with a goal of 80% winning picks for the first 90 days. After the first 90 days a new goal (with hopefully a higher %) will be set. So best of luck to you and to the future picks.

P.S. Sometimes the pick will be part of a detailed article chock full of facts and analysis, and sometimes its going to be a gut pick or I’m just going to be too lazy to type everything up and your gonna have to take my word for it.