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Great Start January 16, 2010

Posted by onewinningpick in Uncategorized.

Great start to the day so far everybody. First of all I wake up to find out that I have a massive erection as i see the Pitt line has moved to Pitt +1. Lock of the century. Sure it took some crazy turn of events at the end but Pitt is still undefeated in the Big East with every other win coming on the road. They are the hottest team in the Big East and I will be riding them all year long or at least until the spreads start reflecting their talent.

Cardinals game just started and they’ve already started exposing the gaping holes in the Saints defense. 7-0 on an easssyyy run by hightower. Throw in the fact that Kurt Warner is better then Drew Brees and I think we’ve got a great start to our divisional playoff weekend. I’ll try to post as much as possible during this game and the next. But if the Cardinals are playing great you can expect to find me smashing holes in my apartment walls with full beer cans; its just how i celebrate, don’t judge me ha. Good luck everybody

and fuck the saints just scored. its ok though, kurt warner is unstoppable in the playoffs, especially in a dome, and especially when his team can run the football.



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