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Success January 19, 2010

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Well it has been nothing short of a great week so far. 2 picks, 2 wins. Gotta love that. The Clemson game was close tonight too and luckily if any of you picked that at +2 you would’ve pushed. Regardless, the winner of the night was clearly Tennessee and they proved they can be successful on the road as well as at home. Gettin some of their players back from suspension is going to be huge going forward as well since they will be relatively fresh compared to the rest of college basketball. Anyway, I’ll post a new pick tomorrow night and hopefully we can keep this clean streak going.


Tonight’s Pick January 19, 2010

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Well Syracuse took care of business last night fairly easily against Notre Dame. Little bit of a scare with about 10 minutes left in the second half when ND came close to tying it but Syracuse finished strong and had the game rapped up with a couple minutes left. Stayed away from Texas obviously last night after seeing the shots of the crowd that ESPN was showing. Looked like the entire lower level was full of wasted college kids screaming their fuckin heads off. There isn’t a tougher way to play then on the road, in a conference game, in an arena full of college kids who didn’t have classes that day. KSU was the lock but since I was feelin texas earlier in the day I just decided to stay way from the game altogether.

For tonight I am looking for Tennessee to cover a -2 spread at Alabama. Bama and the Vols have been polar opposites over the past week or so. Bama was losing every game in sight (including a home loss to Vanderbilt), while Tennessee with only 6 scholarship players won 4 in a row (all at home though). Tennessee has a chance to go on the road, against an SEC opponent and keep their winning streak going. I see them doing this successfully. So for tonight the pick is Tennessee -2 @ Alabama.

PS also have my eye on Clemson +2 @ Georgia Tech but I’m not as confident about them as I am about the Vols. But if you were on the fence about Clemson, know that you weren’t alone. Good luck everybody, lets get this money.

pick tonight January 18, 2010

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Sorry it was late everybody, ran into a snag gettin in touch with my bookie so I had to take care of that first. Got my money on cuse -3 @ Notre Dame. Depending how this goes might go on Texas +1.5 @ Kansas State but we’ll see. I’ll let you know. Good luck

Week Recap January 18, 2010

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Well we have finished our first official week here making picks. Although I didn’t live up to the expectations of one pick everyday, this is my first attempt at blogging so give me a break. It was an Up and Down week on the betting/picks front. A lucky good call today on the Jets +8.5 brought it all around to leave me in the green for the week which is always good. Heres the Weekly Recap with my pics underlined and the result right after it. Picks in all bold are winners:


Kentucky -3.5 @ Florida … 89-77. A lot of people liked Florida to come close enough to Kentucky to cover this spread but the young Kentucky team lead by 25 points by Eric Bledsoe and another dominant 19 points from Diaper Dandy John Wall pulled it out and won by 12. Give them credit because Florida is not one of the easiest places to play.


UNC +4.5 @ Clemson … 64-83. This was a tough game to call, UNC looked like they were on the rise again the game before but they really came out and shit the bed at Clemson. The game in one sentence: UNC had more turnovers than field goals for the whole game until there was 5 minutes left in the second half.

Kansas -11.5 @ Nebraska … 84-72 I wrote in my entry for this pick about the scoring differential between the 2 teams over the past 10 games and other random facts. You could’ve easily disregarded that and read the only sentence that mattered. I didn’t like the spread at 12.5 but I said if you could get it at 11.5 or lower it was worth taking. Well luck will have it that is exactly what happened and that ended up being the very point that mattered. Kansas won by 12, covering the 11.5 spread.

Pitt +6.5 @ UConn … 67-57. Pitt is the hottest team in the Big East, no question. They are unstoppable on the road and this game is just further proof. Gibbs and Wanamaker are threats to score on any play while McGee offers a strong presence inside. This was the easy lock of the night; Pitt getting any points against anybody is pretty much a lock at this point. Take notes.


Toronto +2 @ NY Knicks … 112-104. The Raptors are a better team then the Knicks. Madison Square Garden is more friendly to opposing teams superstars then they are to the scrubs wearing blue. The Knicks giving points in any game should get your attention quickly. I didn’t even watch this game because I knew the result before it even started.


Pitt +1 vs. Louisville … 82-77. This was an amazing fucking game. I’ll be honest, I was pretty pissed I was gonna start my saturday off with a Pitt loss and a bet loss. But down 5 points with 35 seconds left in the game; Pitt did took care of business. Wanamaker proved why hes one of the best scorers in the Big East and showed how much effort he can bring to the court. Gibbs easily could’ve been the hero if he made that three or was given his three free throws but it ended up not mattering anyway. Pitt is resilient, and they showed that they could play from behind and win. It was an extremely exciting game and I hope you all got in on the action too because its games like that that make sports gambling awesome.

Arizona +7 @ New Orleans … Blowout. Wow did I jinx this game or what? A 70 yard touchdown run got me a little too excited and I got on this stupid blog and ran my mouth. I deserved the lose and I apologize to you all for ruining your pick haha. Either way, this was just the first leg of two shitty NFL picks that had me fuckin pissed.

Baltimore +6.5 @ Indianapolis … Not Close Enough. The second leg of the terrible NFL picks found me again betting on a road team gettin close to a TD. I don’t know why I was wrong, but I’m honestly not too surprised. The Ravens running game let me down and I let all of you down. Oh well, shit runs downhill; its gravity haha.


Jets +8.5 @ San Diego … 17-14. Great game overall. Great game by the Jets Defense. Mark Sanchez didn’t let his grimey mexi-stash keep him from throwing a td and only 1 pick. The Jets ran the ball well and played field position, we all expected this. I can’t say we all thought the Chargers were going to implode like this but with the overall character of the players on their team I don’t think anyone is surprised. Its a team full of players who love themselves and it starts with their perennial playoff-losing quarterback Phillip Rivers. His ego might not show in interviews but on the field it does. Enough about that, Jets not only got within 8.5, they won the game and allowed us betting on them to relax a little easier in the 4th quarter than we were planning.

So, for the week, the picks overall were 6/9 which is 67%. The NCAA Basketball picks were by far the most consistent at 4/5 meeting the OneWinningPick goal of 80%. The sole NBA pick hit, while the NFL picks played out about as awful as the Cardinals’ defense yesterday at 1/3 for 33%. So the OneWinningPick goal for this week was missed by 13% but thats okay. If you bet $100 on each game across the board you would be up $270 for the week. I’ll take an essentially free $270 every week for sure. But that still doesn’t excuse the fact that we were short of the 80% goal. That’s why I’m going to scour the lines this week and come back with 7 or 8 winners out of 8 or 9 picks. We’re going to rob them blind this week. So get ready to take your girl out on friday night, or if you don’t have a girl, call Candy at the strip club to break out the clear heels cuz we’re gonna be celebratin’

Accuracy January 16, 2010

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I can’t believe i forgot to mention the fact that I called Pitt winning by 5. Unreal. I still find ways to amaze even myself.

Great Start January 16, 2010

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Great start to the day so far everybody. First of all I wake up to find out that I have a massive erection as i see the Pitt line has moved to Pitt +1. Lock of the century. Sure it took some crazy turn of events at the end but Pitt is still undefeated in the Big East with every other win coming on the road. They are the hottest team in the Big East and I will be riding them all year long or at least until the spreads start reflecting their talent.

Cardinals game just started and they’ve already started exposing the gaping holes in the Saints defense. 7-0 on an easssyyy run by hightower. Throw in the fact that Kurt Warner is better then Drew Brees and I think we’ve got a great start to our divisional playoff weekend. I’ll try to post as much as possible during this game and the next. But if the Cardinals are playing great you can expect to find me smashing holes in my apartment walls with full beer cans; its just how i celebrate, don’t judge me ha. Good luck everybody

and fuck the saints just scored. its ok though, kurt warner is unstoppable in the playoffs, especially in a dome, and especially when his team can run the football.

NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend January 16, 2010

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The best weekend of the year hopefully will begin and end with all you making great picks that rob vegas and your bookies of all their money. Not to mention I have a pick that you can cash in on before the NFL Playoffs even start. Here are the picks for tomorrow:

Pitt -2.5 vs Louisville

Arizona +7 at New Orleans

Baltimore +6.5 at Indiannapolis

I like both the road teams to at least come within the 1 touchdown lines they’ve been given. Baltimore might end up winning 21-17 on a late interception of peyton manning to stop a game winning drive. Also I feel that the Cardinals are going to win the game and most likely go to the superdome and blow the saints doors off. At the very least the cardinals lose in OT by a field goal and still cover the spread. I also believe the Ravens could lose by Flacco throwing a pick in a 3 or 4 point game which will still have them covering the spread. Aside from that, Pitt is hot and they should fairly easily take care of a Louisville squad that has been mediocre given their Big East credentials in the past. The only thing about that pick that I question is whether or not the panthers will play complacent considering they have been road warriors so far this year. Regardless, I know Ashton Gibbs will go for 20 and 7 and the panthers will win by at least 5. Good luck tomorrow everybody, I will be betting on all the picks above.

January 15, 2010

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raptors +2 at knicks. Knicks aren’t winning anything until they get lebron AND bosh on the team. They’ll find out why they need both tonight.

Tonight and Tomorrow’s Pick January 13, 2010

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Well tonight’s pick was supposed to be posted at 5:30 today taking Kentucky to cover a -3.5 spread at Florida but since I’m still getting used to this thing apparently I didn’t publish the pick. Either way, its irrelevant because no one has started to use this free service yet (as expected, its only the first day). So I apologize for being tardy/unable to do my job tonight but it didn’t matter either way.

Looking forward, I have my eyes set on three games tomorrow. The line just opened for Pittsburgh at UConn -6.5 but has since moved to UConn -6. Now although UConn is home and is ranked 5 places ahead of Pittsburgh at 15 in the AP Poll, this is a Big East Conference game. Anything can happen in these games, which have been historically close regardless of whether or not the home team is favored by the spread. Regardless, you will have my official pick tomorrow by 6pm but as of right now I really like Pittsburgh +6

The second game I have my eye on is the Kansas at Nebraska +12.5 game tomorrow night. Kansas is coming off their first loss of the season where they were essentially embarrassed by a Tennessee team that dressed four walk-ons after half their starting line-up was suspended for doing their best Travis Henry impressions. Pair that with the fact that Kansas has beaten Nebraska 13 times in a row since 2004 by an average of 20 points should mean a fairly easy win for Kansas. Although double digit lines usually scare me, I will on exception take some of them. I don’t expect this line to move down but by the odd chance it gets to 12 or even 11.5 I would strongly consider taking it.
The final game I’m watching is the UNC at Clemson -3.5 game. I love when a true favorite plays on the road against a fairly matched opponent and is getting close to 4 points. Sure UNC lost to C of C only 1 game ago, but they are coming off a nice victory against a Virginia Tech team that received 9 top 25 votes in the most recent AP Poll. UNC is also bringing back two players off injury for their second game, and sure to be an even stronger game, Will Graves and Marcus Ginyard. I look for UNC to hopefully be given an extra half point or even full point to bring the spread to UNC +4/4.5 to make this my lock of the night.

Well there’s the preview, you will have your pick tomorrow (and maybe two if the stars align, and to make up for me being an idiot today). I hope most of you were able to pick the Kentucky game by yourself but if not, bet double on my pick tomorrow night to make sure you grab your winnings from tonight too!

Mission Statement January 12, 2010

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The mission and overall goal of this website is to provide the betting public with a daily, free Joe WINNtERS sports betting pick. Each pick will be heavily researched and then posted on this blog by 6:30pm Eastern Time so that everyone will have a minimum of 30 minutes to get their 7pm bet in. The pick on this website is backed up by the fact that I will not post a pick unless it is a pick that I’m betting my own money on. On Sundays at midnight the pick from each day that week will be reviewed to give readers a weekly progress report. My picks are usually very streaky so you’ll be able to tell when I’m on a hot streak and you should follow, or when I’m blowing all the money in my bank account in which case you should probably stay away. However, this website is designed with a goal of 80% winning picks for the first 90 days. After the first 90 days a new goal (with hopefully a higher %) will be set. So best of luck to you and to the future picks.

P.S. Sometimes the pick will be part of a detailed article chock full of facts and analysis, and sometimes its going to be a gut pick or I’m just going to be too lazy to type everything up and your gonna have to take my word for it.